YoungbloodsAt Youngblood’s Basketball Club we aim to help young people develop an interest in sports, most especially Basketball. In order to encourage the qualities of physical fitness, competitive spirit, team play, school loyalty and good sportsmanship we actively encourage teenagers to continue with sport – healthy body, healthy mind!

Our goal is to raise the competitive level of boys and girls basketball in Newham using Youngblood’s Basketball Club and school links to expose our athletes to the best players and basketball coaches from schools and colleges throughout the UK and Europe. Participation in the England Basketball National League gives our team members an invaluable experience and a chance of friendships and opportunities they would not have dreamed possible.

Our hope is that their experience with Youngblood’s Basketball Club will continue to open doors for boys and girls who wish to partake in basketball at any level and progress. This will in turn help generate increased interest in the sport in the UK, whilst encouraging our members into working towards participating in the 2012 Olympics and beyond.

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Team Contact: Caroline Charles


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