October 9, 2013 nhamoshire@gmail.com

Who’s Better: Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant?

You know their names and you know their games (or do you?…) – Kevin Durant, arguably the best all around scorer in the game today, Kobe Bryant, arguably one of the best all around scorers in NBA history. This Public Opinion poll is simple, right now, if both are fully healthy, who is better, Kevin Durant or Kobe Bryant?

After voting above, feel free to back up your opinion in the comment section below (after the video evidence)…

Kobe: 27.3ppg – 5.6rpg – 6apg – 46.3 fg% – 32.4 3fg% – 83.9 ft% – 1.4 spg – 0.3 bpg – 53.8 Win%

KD: 28.1ppg – 7.9rpg – 4.6apg – 51fg% – 41.6 3fg% – 90.5 ft% – 1.4 spg – 1.3 bpg – 74.1 Win%


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