April 5, 2014 nhamoshire@gmail.com

White Chocolate With The Extra Sauce

Jason ‘White Chocolate’ Williams was one of the most flamboyant players of his generation, with a bag of tricks that enabled him to take it to the very best at any level – his talent was undeniable.

In a league dominated by athletes, Williams earned the nickname ‘White Chocolate’ while playing on the Chris Webber led Sacramento Kings because of his ‘playground style’ and flashy passes. He is most known for his surprisingly accurate behind the back passes and his ‘off the elbow’ pass – which he successfully pulled off during the Rookie Challenge during NBA All-Star Weekend back in 2000.

There is no question, Williams had a cult-following amongst players all over the globe, as witnessed by his jersey being one of the top 5 sellers in the entire NBA in the early 2000’s.

Sit back, relax and enjoy some of his ridiculous highlights in this top 10 countdown of his NBA plays. (Shout out to Gary Payton…)

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