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What Scouts Are Looking For


Your first step in progressing in any Midday Madness Qualifier is to make it out of the ‘Show & Prove’ Courts and onto the Elite Court.  In order to do that, you need to earn a Elite Court Pass from one of the MM Scouts who will watch your every move, looking for any and all future stars who come through our events.

Impressing a MM Scout is easy if you have talent and have been working on your game in the lead up to the competition.  We’re looking for a players with skills across all areas of the game, but if you want the ‘inside scoop’ on what our scouts are looking for in players, here’s a little inside information…

What are Scouts ARE looking for:


Players who score more than they miss each time they shoot the ball – especially when the game is on the line.  Anybody can score 30 if you take 30+ shots!  But do you know the difference between a good shot and a bad shot?  High percentage vs low percentage?  ‘Money Players’ not only know how to score, they also do it at an efficient rate.


Players who consistently play above the rim and dunk regularly in game action (players who dunk on their defenders get extra attention).  Dunking is the most dominant way to score the basketball, and for those who can dunk – the highest percentage shot you can take.  If you have the ability, co-ordination, agility and explosion to dunk in game action – we recommend you do it…It will get you noticed.


Players who grab a majority of the offensive and/or defensive rebounds – especially rebounds that are contested by other players.  Rebounding is arguably the most important, yet often overlooked, skill a player can have.  Too many players believe they are ‘too short’ to rebound or that rebounding is only for the athletic high-fliers – both untrue.  Rebounding is first and foremost about DESIRE – you have to want to rebound more than anyone else to be great rebounder.  Combine desire with good footwork and timing and you’ll catch the eye of one of our scouts and find yourself on the Elite Court for all to see.


Players who make good passes and understand how to hit the open player – especially those who make passes that lead to easy scores (assists).  Successful teams always have good passers. Look it up.  Coaches love players who can pass as they make the game easier for team mates and get offenses running more efficiently.  Good passers make their team mates better and make teams more difficult to stop.  If you can ‘drop dimes’ while keeping your turnover count low – you’ll soon find yourself on the Elite Court showing the world what you can do.


Players who block a high number of shots, without fouling (players who cleanly block shots and keep the ball in bounds get extra attention).  Everyone loves a block party – especially when you’re hosting it.  If you can block shots and protect the rim at the defensive end, you become invaluable to good defenses at the next level.  You allow perimeter players to be more aggressive and get after it, secure in the knowledge that if they get beaten on the penetration – you’ll be waiting there to reject any offer that comes towards your rim.


Players who ‘lock up’ their man on defense (on and off the ball!), not letting them score on them – without fouling.  Coaches are ALWAYS in need of great defenders.  Players fall in love with offense – coaches fall in love with defense.  If you want to get on the floor at a high level, be smart, become a superior defender and you’ll find yourself in the core rotation of the team you aspire to be on.  To play great defense, you need to be well conditioned, have good footwork and agility – but above all, have the mindset of wanting to be a great defender.  Do you enjoy being able to completely shut down your man?  Do you get high off of drawing a charge?  Creating a turnover?  You might just be the one we’re looking for…


Players who scrap for every loose ball, every possible advantage (within the rules of the game) and continuously work hard on both ends of the floor.  Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.  Nobody enjoys playing against a tireless worker.  The type of player who never stays still, keeps playing the passing lanes on defense, settings screens and going after every single loose ball on the glass or on the floor.  The hustler.  Plays with a sense of urgency and has a huge appetite for winning games and getting possession of the ball.  There’s a reason why coaches love these types of players – because they are always contributing to a win.  Work hard = get noticed.

OK, we’ve given you the ‘heads up’ on what our Scouts are looking for, but just so you’re clear, here’s a list of what they’re NOT looking for:


Players who don’t pass the ball, and play only for themselves instead of the team game.  Basketball is a TEAM sport, (you know: Together Everyone Achieves More?), if you wanted the limelight all to yourself, go play tennis or boxing. Nothing disappoints quite as much as a ball hog who believes his/her own hype.  They’re not fun to play with, not fun to watch and certainly no fun to coach.  Do yourself a favour – take two and pass…


Players who consistently foul and hack the opposing players every time they attempt to score.  Look, if a player is better than you, it’s probably because they’ve put more time into their game and dedicated themselves to this craft a little more than you.  Don’t hate – appreciate.  Being scored on doesn’t make you a loser – not doing anything about it and expecting things to change next time out, does.  Don’t hack offensive players just because you can’t stop them within the rules, it makes you look clumsy and inferior.  Instead, work on your conditioning, understanding and defense so you can be a ‘Show Stopper’ (see above).


Players who give up easily and don’t compete on every play.  Look, basketball is a competition!  Ultimately you are competing against your opposition who want what you want: that spot, that ‘look’, that scholarship, that contract, that win.  If you don’t want it as badly as they do and aren’t willing to try as hard as them, what makes you think you deserve what you say you want?  Ultimate success in basketball (and in life) often goes to the player with the strongest will – not skill.  If you’ve got both?  You’re going places fast in this tournament…Don’t lose out because you didn’t try hard enough.  No excuses – just get it done.


Players who consistently miss their shots, hitting nothing but the front rim or backboard.  On a good day, this player also has a variety of air balls on display.  Shooting is a skill any player can master if they put in the time.  Basketball is a game of repetition – if you practise long and hard enough, the results will come.  Good shooters are made not born.  If you can’t shoot?  That’s on you…


Players who consistently complain and whinge about calls or team mates or anything else.  Nobody likes playing with, against or coaching a constant complainer.  All you do is blame other people for your own shortfalls.  “Coach is hatin” – “You fouled me” – “And one” (No it wasn’t) – “I didn’t even play my best” – “REF! (fill in whatever excuse fits your needs)” – “Yeah, when I was in the states I blah blah blah” (Nobody cares).  Don’t talk about it – BE about it.

OK, now you have an idea of what we are and aren’t looking for, click over to our partner page on the LSB Develop Your Game section to build your skills so you’re ready for when MM comes to a court near you…

It’s nearly time…


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