November 28, 2013

The Power Of Basketball

As part of his Masters Degree in Journalism, basketball enthusiast Frank Agu shot a short documentary on the ongoing issue of potential funding cuts by UK Sport for elite level basketball across Britain. This brief but insightful piece featured perspectives from R&T’s Nhamo Shire, NBA star Luol Deng and sports/arts/fashion renaissance man Dapo Fagbenle, amongst other players and coaches.

While the debate around cutting funding for the elite level of British international basketball and the negative impact it will have for future generations of aspiring stars has been well-documented, Agu’s film also offers some depth and common-sense reasoning to the perhaps ‘forgotten debate’ around the sports positive impact on social integration and community cohesion.

This is a well-thought out short-film that opens the debate around the true value of basketball in Britain.

What do you think?

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