November 11, 2013

Rebounding: Go Get It Drill

The Go Get It drill helps you with your timing with catching the ball off of the rim or backboard with two hands while also working on your footwork on the jump, land and pivot away from the defender ready for the outlet (if working on defensive rebounding).

You can vary this drill by catching the ball and going straight up for a variation of the ‘superman’ drill, which is excellent for developing an appetite for rebounding outside of your area and finishing the put back on the offensive end.

A key teaching point is to use this drill to work on getting a better feel for the bounce of the ball off of the rim or backboard and timing your jump to meet the ball at the peak of your jump, then grab the ball in the air with authority, then ‘chin’ it (bring the ball in to just below your chin and get your elbows up and out to protect the ball from defenders). When you land you can deliver an outlet pass to your team mate to simulate a game situation outlet.

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