November 11, 2013

Rebounding Box Out Drill

Superstar power forward Blake Griffin walks you through a 2 man box-out rebounding drill.

The first fundamental you need to master to become a good rebounder is the ‘box-out’.  The purpose of ‘boxing out’ is to get your defender on your back and block him from getting to the basket so the ball falls to you or your team mate.

Boxing out levels the playing field when attempting to rebound against taller opposition.  If you stay low and keep the player on your back, you can move backwards and create a rebounding zone for the ball to drop into that you can then jump towards to catch.  If your opponent tries to reach forward over your back, after you’ve established position and a rebounding zone, he’ll most likely be committing an offensive foul, which will also give possession back to your team.

Get a couple of team mates/friends and work on this box out drill so you get comfortable with the footwork, positioning and creating a rebounding zone for you then to jump and go meet the ball at the peak of your jumping ability.

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