December 2, 2013

Rare Air: Inside The Mind Of Michael Jordan

The greatest player in the history of the game.  This revealing video brings you into the mindset, competitive greatness and preparation that went into creating the legend that is Michael Jordan, as told by his trusted trainer Tim Grover.

The message is clear, winning takes place in preparation.  Never be satisfied with where you may be at any given time, as you always have the opportunity to get better.  Take a look at where you are right now, do an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses and commit yourself to turning your weaknesses into strengths.  All things are possible if you dedicate yourself to to daily practise and continually challenge yourself to improve.  If you don’t know what your weaknesses are, ask your coach or a coach you may have played against.  Don’t be afraid of constructive criticism, understanding where we are weak is the first step to becoming stronger, getting better and improving in all we do.

Remember, your competition is working hard to take your spot or keep you from taking their spot, the only way you keep them off of you is by outworking them in practise and putting in the extra effort in preparation so when you face them in real competition, you’re ready to show them why you deserve to be a champion.

Basketball is like a bank – you can only draw out what you’ve invested in.  If that simple formula works for and applies to the greatest player of all time, it will work for you too.

Let’s get it…


Video courtesy of STACK.COM

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