December 14, 2013

Pull Back Crossover Dribble Drive – Steph Curry

Steph Curry is one of the hardest perimeter players to guard in the NBA, not only because of his deadly outside shooting skills – but also because of his ability to create his own shot.  Curry’s excellent handle, footwork, balance and agility give him a potent combination that puts constant pressure on the defense.

This short video breaks down one of the moves Curry uses to create separation from his defender, either for the jump shot or to get into the lane (aka ‘the danger zone’).

Key teaching points:

  • 2 hard dribbles left – dribble must be with purpose and intent, the defender must believe you are trying to drive left.  If the defender doesn’t respond to this first move, adapt and take the advantage to blow past your defender into the lane.
  • Pull back – plant your lead foot (left foot) and step back instead of continuing forward, aiming to get as much separation (distance) from your defender as possible.  You should step back on balance into a jump stop, poised and ready for your next move. If your defender is completely lost from this move, you may choose to take the open jump shot.
  • Change of direction dribble – crossover and drive right to completely ‘ice’ the defender.  If you’ve executed the first 2 steps correctly, at best your defender will be lunging forward towards you to try to defend your jump shot, your crossover dribble should leave your defender behind you as you drive right, into the lane.

This is an advanced perimeter player move and should only be worked on once you’ve developed a strong, controlled handle and balanced, coordinated footwork.  Master this move and you’ll be hard to guard in any 1 on 1 situation.


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