November 13, 2013

Passing – Penetrate & Kick

NBA All-Star Rajon Rondo breaks down the penetrate and kick pass, an essential weapon every perimeter player must have in his/her arsenal.

The modern game heavily favours the drive and kick game, as the guard penetration draws in the defense and opens up the perimeter for your shooters to set, catch and shoot from the pass you deliver.  It’s important to know where your team mates will be spotting up as you drive the ball into the lane, so you know exactly where you need to deliver the pass.  Great passers not only get the ball to the shooter, but deliver it right into their shot pocket so all they have to do is catch and shoot without readjusting  or bringing the ball up from an awkward position.

Practise this drill with a team mate if possible, or if working out alone, you can pick off a spot against a wall to practise delivering the pass to in different scenarios.


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