October 17, 2013 nhamoshire@gmail.com

MMTV – Motivation: Overcoming ANY Obstacle

If you don’t know who Eric Thomas is, you need to catch up…The message on this one is simple…No matter what you’re going through, no matter what your challenge is, if you make a COMMITMENT to NEVER giving up, NEVER to quit and to KEEP GOING – YOU can make it through ANYTHING.

The affirmation is simple, tell yourself, no matter the challenge: I CAN – I WILL – I MUST

The thing is, if you’re going for anything in your life of worth – you’re going to face challenges. There WILL be obstacles. If it were easy, everybody would be doing it. Everyone would win…but where is the value in that? If everyone can have it and there is no sacrifice – then does it really mean anything?

You need to know, if you’re going through challenges, going through issues that seem to be preventing you from where you want to be, this is PART of your journey to the top. It’s supposed to be tough!

Adversity always comes before success.

The pathway you’re on is tough so those who are not BUILT FOR THIS like you are, quit. But not you. Quitting is not who you’re supposed to be. You…YOU are supposed to be a CHAMPION. It’s in YOU. You just need to let it come out.

Whatever it is you’re facing, whatever the challenge, remember:


Keep going. One more rep, one more step, one more hour, one more day, one more week, one more page, one more…




It’s YOUR world. Greatness IS your destiny.

Go get it…

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