March 31, 2014

Next Level Player Registration

Next Level Workouts are open to players aged 15-19, both male and female, who are interested in getting a clear evaluation of their skills, while competing for scholarship support that will help you unlock the doors to seriously improving your game.

All players who attend these workouts will receive an individual skills evaluation which objectively assesses athletic ability and basketball skills which provides invaluable feedback on where a player ranks in relation to other players in his/her age group.

If a player scores well across the evaluation, he/she will be invited to further invite-only Next Level Master Classes and possibly be awarded a scholarship grant to help with the things that elite players need to help them be the best they possibly can be.

Scholarships available through the Next Level program can cover:

[toggle title=”Elite Camps & Tournaments (UK, Europe, USA)” state=”close” ]The Next Level grant-in-aid can be used to help players with travel and registration costs with elite level camps and tournaments both in and out of the UK. The aim of this help is to ensure elite players are not restricted from participating in opportunities that will help progress their careers because of lack of finance. This support may be used to help players who need assistance to with costs associated to representing national teams or travel and sustenance for international camps or tournaments outside of the UK[/toggle] [toggle title=”Access To FREE Facilities” state=”close” ]Through our partnership with the GLL Foundation, successful scholarship recipients will have free access to workout at all partnered GLL facilities, gyms and basketball facilities (subject to GLL Foundation Terms & Conditions)[/toggle] [toggle title=”Travel Support” state=”close” ]Award recipients may get individual travel support to and from training venues for the duration of the year, enabling players to practise more often, in more locations across London[/toggle] [toggle title=”Equipment” state=”close” ]Award recipients may apply for grant help with training equipment that helps athletic and technical skill development. In some cases, recipients may also be eligible for kit support if it is central to performance (please note, kit support may be means tested and is intended for those in need of financial-aid)[/toggle] [toggle title=”Personal Trainers & Elite Skills Support” state=”close” ]Award recipients will benefit from having access to sports scientists, nutritionists and elite skills development coaches who will design individualised training programs for scholarship athletes and monitor progress throughout the duration of the award. Recipients will also benefit from individual access to sports physiotherapist to assist with recovery and rehabilitation, should they ever be needed[/toggle] [toggle title=”SAT Preparation” state=”close” ]For players aspiring to play college basketball in America, award recipients are eligible to benefit from SAT tutoring in preparing players for the Scholastic Aptitude Test, which is an essential requirement for players seeking to play NCAA college basketball in America[/toggle]

Next Level Master Classes are 100% free for all invited players

Players at any level are welcomed to apply for a workout place, however please be advised that these workouts are best suited to players who have shown some level of ability or natural talent (athletically, physically or technically) that distinguishes them above other players in their local area.

Workouts are staged throughout the year and communicated to all players on the Next Level database. In order to get onto this database, players need to fill out the registration form below:

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