August 13, 2013

Nathan Schall Goes To The ‘Upper Room’ At Manchester NBA 3×3

Former Midnight Madness Finalist Nathan Schall put his name on the global social media map at the Manchester stop of the NBA 3×3.  “EleNate” caught a nice pass on the bassline and put his defender in the mix as he rose up and put down the dunk of the tournament enroute to leading his team to the Manchester NBA 3×3 crown.

The dunk was so nice, it got NBA star Serge Ibaka out of his seat and dancing the sidelines and ultimately earned Nate a personal invite from Ibaka to come along to the the NBA game between the OKC Thunder and Atlanta Hawks this October, through this exchange on Twitter:

[box type=”shadow” ]Serge Ibaka: “Still impressed by @nateschall08 dunk so I wanted to invite him 2 the Thunder @NBA Manchester game.You up to it Nate?”

Nathan Schall: “That would be amazing I’d love to watch the game!!! [/box]

The Manchester 3×3 was the second of two nice events staged by the NBA this summer (the first took place in London) in preparation for 2 games taking place in the upcoming season.  The first game will see Ibaka’s OKC Thunder take on the Philadelphia 76’ers in Manchester during October in a pre-season game.  The second game will see a return to London’s O2 Arena for Deron Williams, alongside his newly acquired superstar squad on the Brooklyn Nets as they take on Al Horford‘s Atlanta Hawks in a competitive regular season game in January.

Tickets for the Manchester OKC/Philly game are available here.

Tickets for the London O2 Nets/Hawks game will be available here.


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