November 6, 2013

MM Tournament Overview

Midnight Madness is designed to find the top players in Britain, using a ’round by round’ elimination process which ultimately leaves the top 10 standing and an overall MVP for each division.

There are four rounds to the Midnight Madness competition:

  1. Midday Madness Qualifiers
  2. Midnight Madness Regional All-Nighter
  3. MM Boot Camp
  4. MM Finals Night

MIDNIGHT-MADNESS-QUALIFICATION-DIAGRAMThe first round, is delivered through a series of nationwide qualifying events where players sign up to participate at one of the Midday Madness Qualifiers.  Players can sign up individually or team up with friends and compete on the same 5 – either way, the first challenge is to earn a place on the Elite Court by impressing the scouts on the ‘Show & Prove’ courts with your ability.

To get an idea of what the scouts are looking for, click here.

Once you’ve proven you belong on the Elite Court, you’re awarded a numbered Elite Playing Jersey and drafted onto a balanced team who play 5on5 full-court games – winners stay on.  Once on the Elite Court, all of your individual statistics are recorded and entered into our Ball Without Bias (BWB) player scoring system that ranks players on their own performance within the games.  Each player generates their own individual score through BWB and is ranked on the event leaderboard which details how you’re performing after every game.

The name of the game, once on the Elite Court, is to win as many games as possible – as the biggest contributing statistic to your personal BWB score is team wins.  For a detailed look at the BWB scoring system, click here.

The top 10 players on the leaderboard, at the end of the Midday Madness Qualifier event, earn themselves a ‘Golden Ticket’ pass to the quarter-final round at the Midnight Madness Regional All-Nighter.

Once at the MM All-Nighter, you will compete against the winners from all of the other qualifying events for a place at Boot Camp.   You’ll play in 5 on 5 full court games and be ‘stat-tracked’ individually using our BWB system. The top 50 players with the highest overall scores, by position, are then selected to progress through to the next phase of the competition, at Boot Camp.

At Boot Camp, players are put thorugh a more intense skills evaluation, featuring athletic testing, individual, 2-on-2, 3-on3 and full-court drills to better assess your current ability. Players then play 5-on-5 full court games, again scored by our BWB system.  At the conclusion of Boot Camp our panel of coaches go through all the information and scores you will have accumulated and work out who the top 20 players.

The top 20 players are then drafted into 2 balanced teams and finally prepared to go head-to-head in the biggest game of the summer, the MM Finals.

At the Finals, the top 10 players by position win a place on the MM Travel Team with one overall MVP being crowned the ultimate Midnight Madness Champion.

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