The Midnight Madness Regional ‘All-Nighter’ runs through the night, starting at 6pm in the evening and flowing through to 6am in the morning, and serves as the ‘quarter-final’ round of the Midnight Madness competition.

A unique experience of full-court, 5-on-5, all-night game action with the best players from all of the MM Qualifying events battling for a place in the ‘Boot Camp’ semi-final round.

The top 100 players from the nationwide talent search at each age group are drafted into balanced teams (based on positional scores from the qualifying rounds) and compete head-to-head in ‘winner stays on’ open court play.  Each division has a minimum of 4 hours of court time to earn their place in the next round:

  • 6pm-10pm: MM Prep (U18’s) & She Got Game (Female) Divisions
  • 10pm-2am: MM College (U21’s)
  • 2am-6am: MM Pro/Am (O21’s)

Players earn their place at Boot Camp by being amongst the top 50 in your division, using our Ball Without Bias stats system (BWB), which evaluates players on their strengths and weaknesses and is used in every game for every player at the Regional All-Nighter.  BWB is not just about how many times you are able to get a basket – to score well on BWB you have to play fundamentally sound, well-rounded team basketball as it measures your whole game (shooting, rebounding, passing, defense, hustle etc) – with bonus points being awarded to players on teams who win.

The atmosphere at MM Regionals is always electric as the standard of play is the best you’ll find over the summer with the top players from across Britain competing ‘all out’ to earn a coveted place in at Boot Camp, which is just one step away from the big show.  Reputations are won and lost at this event as the best rise to the top in an ‘all or nothing’ showdown.

This event also features a number of off-court attractions such as live DJ’s, MC’s, console gaming zone, ‘chill out’ lounge and large screen cinema areas showing basketball interest films and highlights all night long so players and spectators are kept entertained throughout the night. Many players call our All-Nighters “basketball heaven” because of the unique mix of ball players, action, music, vibes and space to socialise with people just like them, while playing and taking in the best of summer hoops action.

In addition, all players get a free reversible game vest to wear (which you get to keep), but are responsible for bringing your own suitable footwear, socks and shorts to play in.

If you want to play in this event, you need to register for a MM Qualifier while spaces are still available and prove you belong amongst the best.

We’ll see you at the top…


Players: To attend the MM Regional All-Nighter, you have to ‘win’ your way in through which all starts by attending one of the MM Qualifiers.  You can register for the next series of qualifying events by clicking here.

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