We’ve listed the most commonly asked Midnight Madness questions below, however if your query isn’t answered in our FAQ please use our ‘Contact Us‘ page to get in touch and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

[toggle title=”Q: What is Midnight Madness?” state=”close” ]A:  Primarily a summer basketball competition – delivered with a difference.  Midnight Madness is a talent search which finds the best players across the country and provides them with a platform to showcase their talents to fans and coaches worldwide while competing for life-changing opportunities, both at home and abroad. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: What makes Midnight Madness different?” state=”close” ]A:  Midnight Madness events also feature live DJ’s, live commentary, console gaming zones and chill out lounges where players and spectators can relax and watch the latest in fashion, film and culture in wide screen cinema.  The event experience represents the ultimate fusion of basketball culture and the lifestyle that surrounds the game and have grown to become the most anticipated dates on the summer basketball calendar.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: How do I sign up for Midnight Madness? ” state=”close” ]A: You sign up for Midnight Madness online, simply by filling out the player registration form which can be found under the Midnight Madness Tournament page on this site.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: How will I know if I’ve been successful with my sign up?” state=”close” ]A: You will be emailed a confirmation and participation waiver to the email address you submit upon registration.  You must keep this email and print off the waiver, have it signed by a parent or guardian (if you’re under 18) and bring it with you on the day of your qualifier. *Please note – confirmations will not be sent out before April 2014 – however registering early gives you the best possible chance of securing your place at the next tournament*.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: What do I need to bring with me on the day of a qualifier?” state=”close” ]A: You’ll need to bring some shorts and your playing shoes and your completed participation form* which you will receive via email, upon successful completion of your registration form. You’ll be given an ‘Elite Vest’ to play in if you make it onto the Elite Court. There will be rehydration drinks on hand for all players during the event, but no food is provided. Changing rooms and shower facilities are available at all venues throughout the tournament. *PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU DO NOT BRING A SIGNED PARTICIPATION FORM YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN THE TOURNAMENT*

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: What are the different age divisions for Midnight Madness?” state=”close” ]A: The tournament is divided into the following divisions:

MM Pro/Am – for all men over 21

MM College – for men aged 21 and under

MM Prep – for boys aged 15-18

She Got Game – for all women aged 16 and over

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: I’m under 16, can I still come and play at Midnight Madness?” state=”close” ]A:Yes.  We provide free instructional coaching clinics for 10-15 year olds (both boys and girls).  The clinics feature some of the top names in the UK game brought in especially to help you!  Clinics provide an excellent opportunity for players of all abilities to come along and be coached in the fundamentals of the game.  Whether just starting out or at an advanced level for your age, we have a team of coaches who will certainly be able to help you improve your skills.  If you’re 14 and  demonstrate exceptional ability, in some cases our coaches may allow you to play with the older players in the MM Prep division. [/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: How much does it cost to play at Midnight Madness?” state=”close” ]A:  Playing spots at MM Qualifying events are charged at £10 per player, for all players.  This is inclusive of your Elite players jersey and rehydration drinks at all events.  However if you advance to the all-night Regional, Boot Camp or Finals – all additional stages of the competition are FREE and are inclusive of all product/uniforms provided, which you get to keep.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: Do I receive any money for winning the tournament?” state=”close” ]A: No.  Midnight Madness is an amateur competition with no monetary rewards for winning.  Players compete in Midnight Madness for the competition, love of the game and to increase their exposure through playing in our finals and travelling teams.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: How do I get tickets for the MM Finals?” state=”close” ]A: Tickets for MM Finals will be released online to the general public in April, via this website.  Tickets are sold on a first come, first served basis.  MM Finals historically sell out of tickets pre-event, leaving many spectators who do not buy in advance disappointed – so all spectators are advised to get their tickets as soon as they become available.  You can register for MM Finals Night Ticketing priority on the MM Finals/Buy Tickets page on this site.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: How much are tickets for MM Finals?” state=”close” ]A: Ticket prices for MM Finals range from £10 (general admission) through to £19.50 for premium seating.

*Limited VIP packages are also available upon request by contacting:

You can register for MM Finals Night Ticketing priority on the MM Finals/Buy Tickets page on this site.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: What is ‘Ball Without Bias’?” state=”close” ]A: Ball Without Bias (also known as ‘BWB) is our computer based scoring system that we use to evaluate player performance at all our events and is the system players need to score well on to advance in the competition.  We call it Ball Without Bias, because it is based purely on statistics, which removes any bias out of whether or not a player progresses through to the next round.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: How does Ball Without Bias work’?” state=”close” ]A: We have a team of statisticians watching your every move, recording everything you do statistically. Every shot, rebound, assist, steal, block, turnover, foul, missed shot, team win, team loss, hustle play and degree of difficulty play you make is recorded and entered into the BWB player efficiency stats evaluator. BWB adds all your positive stats, takes away all of your negative stats, leaving you with an individual score each game you play. All of your stats are added up on the day and automatically entered into an overall leaderboard with the other players on the day. The top 10 scores at the end of your session advance through to the next round. This simply means, whether you make it or not is entirely up to you. If you perform well, you advance, no matter who you are or where you’ve played.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: What do I win if I win the whole competition?” state=”close” ]A:

First of all, we do the best trophies in the business. As a MM winner, you get to keep the best basketball trophy in the UK, which will forever remind you and tell all your friends and family that you were one of the UK’s top players in the year you win.

Getting to play in the MM Finals is a huge achievement and proves that you are one of the best players in the whole of the UK.  Making the final will put you in a strong position to make our coveted ‘All-GB’ teams, which recognise the very best players in your age group from Great Britain and give them worldwide exposure.  We are contacted all the time by coaches and scouts from America and Europe – alongside national team coaches and BBL teams – asking who the top players in the UK are each year.  Making the finals will put you in that conversation and all the attention that comes with it.

In addition, we are releasing our very own players ranking list complete with indepth scouting reports, player profiles, statistics and actual footage from the tournament at the end of each summer.  As a MM winner, your name and game will be promoted to coaches worldwide, as part of the report, giving you the type of exposure and credibility your game deserves.

Winners from our finals, also qualify for spots on our travelling team for a year, which means you may get to travel to play in tournaments against top level competition, representing the UK in international play. Winners from the MM Finals increase their exposure both nationally and internationally, dramatically, while competing in intense competitions that improve your skills and strengthen your ability to play in pressurised situations.

**Please note, not all age/group divisions are guaranteed a travel team experience each year. Travel team opportunities vary from year to year pending availability. Midnight Madness reserve the right to change, cancel or modify trips at any time. Going away on a travel team trip should not be assumed to be part of the overall prize for every player, as this is an additional benefit that is subject to availability**

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: What are ‘travelling teams?” state=”close” ]A: Travelling teams are teams made up from the winners of Midnight Madness each year who travel across the globe to play in competitive basketball tournaments that will benefit the players in some way.

Our teams represent Great Britain on the international stage playing for our ‘MM Select’ teams. Typically, MM Select teams will play against teams who play at the level they aspire to reach, while presenting players with the opportunity of playing in front of coaches who can help facilitate their next level of development. In some cases, this may be US colleges, academies, national teams or even the professional ranks.

Over the years, over 120 players who’ve played at MM have gone on to play US college basketball, and over 80 players have gone on to play professional basketball.

The travelling teams always provide life enhancing opportunities through broadening the horizons of players as they learn about new cultures and see parts of the world they may never have otherwise had the opportunity to visit. From a basketball standpoint, our travelling teams provide the type of competitive international experience that prove essential in the development of elite level British players, while ‘flying the flag’ for GB on the international stage.

[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: Where do the travelling teams play?” state=”close” ]A: The travelling teams play wherever the best opportunities for the players are to grow culturally and competitively.  In past years our teams have travelled overseas to the following cities: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Paris, Milan, Gran Canaria, Washington DC, Baltimore and New Jersey.  Each year new opportunites come along, so this list is sure to grow.


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