MM Qualifiers provide the most competitive games of the summer for each of the following divisions:

  • Mens Pro/Am Division – men’s open age division for all men over 21
  • MM College Division  – for all male players aged 18-21
  • MM Prep Division – for all boys aged 15-17
  • MM She Got Game Division – for all females aged 16 through to adults

The aim of the game at a MM Qualifier is to prove you are one of the top players in your division and earn yourself a ‘Golden Ticket’ invite to the Midnight Madness Regionals, the next stage of the tournament.

You earn your Golden Ticket by first showing your skills on the ‘Show & Prove’ courts, where you have 2 full hours of ‘open run’ style basketball, over multiple courts, to impress the MM talent scouts with your ability. If you make the grade, you will be awarded with a MM Elite Jersey and promoted to the ‘Elite Court’.

Once on the Elite Court, you will be coached in full court 5 on 5 action and try to win as many games as possible, while showing your full range of skills in the process. All Elite Court players are closely monitored by our team of statisticians who will record everything you do statistically and enter your performance into our ‘Ball Without Bias’ (BWB) computerised player evaluation system. BWB calculates all your positive stats (shots made, assists, rebounds, steals, blocks, 3 pointers, dunks, hustle plays and team wins) then takes away all your negative stats (shots missed, turnovers, personal fouls and team losses) to give each player their own individual score within the competition. All the scores are entered into the computerised system which is updated after each game, with the top scores being displayed on the Players Leaderboard. At the end of 10 games, if you are among the top players on the leaderboard – you earn yourself a ‘Golden Ticket’ pass through to the next round of the competition.

As with all our events, you’ll also get live DJ’s, the best game commentary, sideline competitions and prizes, summer fun and good times! You already know, if you love the game and know anything about British summer basketball, then this is the event you just don’t miss!

If you want to play in this event, you need to register for a playing spot quickly before all the places are gone. Due to high demand, all divisions will be filled quickly and once we reach capacity there is nothing we can do to get you in (no matter who you may be or what you have done on court in the past)!  Be smart, register now to avoid disappointment.

Remember, some make it happen, some watch it happen and others will ask ‘what happened?’ – which one are you?

Ball is life…

Register for the upcoming series of MM Qualifier events here:  MM Player Registration

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