Ball Without Bias (also known as ‘BWB) is our computer based scoring system that we use to evaluate player performance at all our events and is the system players need to score well on to advance in the competition.  We call it Ball Without Bias, because it is based purely on statistics, which removes any bias out of whether or not a player progresses through to the next round.

We have a team of statisticians watching your every move, recording everything you do statistically. Every shot, rebound, assist, steal, block, turnover, foul, missed shot, team win, team loss, hustle play and degree of difficulty play you make is recorded and entered into the BWB player efficiency stats evaluator. BWB adds all your positive stats, takes away all of your negative stats, leaving you with an individual score each game you play. All of your stats are added up on the day and automatically entered into an overall leaderboard with the other players on the day. The top 10 scores at the end of your session advance through to the next round. This simply means, whether you make it or not is entirely up to you. If you perform well, you advance, no matter who you are or where you’ve played.




Points Awarded

Games won

How many times your team(s) win on the Elite Court

3 Points

Made Basket

Each time you successfully shoot the ball through the basket

1 Point


Each time you are first to secure a missed shot, offensively or defensively

1 Point


Each time your pass leads directly to a team mate scoring without them having to dribble (aside from passes that lead to uncontested lay ups)

1 Point

Blocked Shot

Each time you defensively block an offensive players shot without fouling

1 Point


Each time you individually gain possession of the ball for your team from your opponent in open play

1 Point


(These points are awarded in addition to the basic points)

Slam Dunks

Each time you successfully slam the ball through the basket

1 Point

Made 3 Pointers

Each time you successfully score a 3 pointer

1 Point

Hustle Plays

Each time you get a defensive deflection, draw a charge or set a screen on offense that leads to your team mate scoring an uncontensted shot

1 Point

Degree Of Difficulty

Each time you successfully score a basket after creating a shot that is difficult for an average player to perform (e.g. a tight crossover dribble, hangtime lay up in traffic etc.) – Please note: bonus points will only be awarded if the difficult shot is scored.  This bonus may also be added to the Slam Dunk bonus, if the Slam Dunk is of an extremely difficult nature (such as successfully dunking on someone in open play etc)

1 Point




Points Deducted

Games Lost

Each time your team loses on the Elite Court

– 1 Point

Missed Basket

Each time you miss a shot/scoring attempt

– 1 Point


Each time you lose possession of the ball

– 1 Point


Each time you foul a member of the opposing team

– 1 Point

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