September 16, 2013

About Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness is the biggest open participation summer basketball program in Europe. We provide the ultimate in hoops competition, summer fun, entertainment and good times while delivering access toexciting opportunities for players both on and off the court. Over the past 12 years, we’ve run the most popular events, largest competitions and most coveted programs ever witnessed in the UK – reaching more players and opening more doors than anything seen before on British shores.

The program was originally created in 1999 to help combat gun and knife crime in London, using a series of basketball ‘open runs’ through the night as a positive diversionary activity for 16-25 year olds. Thanks to the support of all the players and spectators over the years, our program has developed into the largest open-participation basketball competition in Europe, with over 5,000 players fighting to compete in our events annually – watched by thousands of spectators and a tv/digital audience in excess of 6M+.

Midnight Madness has developed into a nationwide ‘talent search’ designed to find the best players in the country, with players coming in from all corners of the UK to compete. We then profile the nation’s finest in a final ‘all-star game’ type showcase to determine who reigns supreme as the best of the best, then provide those players with opportunities that can change their lives forever.

Our aim is to provide an open opportunity to all players who are striving for something more – with the platform, support and access to opportunities they need to get to their ‘next level’, wherever or whatever that may be – delivered through a unique experience that is filled with excitement, summer fun and good times. The program aims to bridge the gaps in existing mainstream provision for all aspiring players, regardless of their backgrounds, who are looking for a visible, accessible pathway to pursue their hoop dreams.

Midnight Madness is a key part of the Reach & Teach Hoops Network and helps R&T to attract new players, fans and coaches to basketball and get them involved in teams, leagues, programs and new opportunities – throughout the year.

Through our programs, we’ve brought the biggest names in hoops, sports and entertainment to the UK as part of our ongoing mission to inspire players to aspire, featuring global icons such as Michael JordanLebron JamesKobe BryantChris Paul, Scottie Pippen, Ray LewisBusta Rhymes and Chris Brown, alongside our homegrown NBA stars (Luol Deng, Pops Mensah-Bonsu) in addition to our list of UK sports stars and celebrities who attend our main finals each year.

We’ve taken winners from our competition around the world to represent the UK on the international stage in New YorkChicagoLos AngelesMiami, WashingtonParis and Milan. Over 130 British players who have played at Midnight Madness have gone on to earn athletic scholarships in America or professional basketball contracts in Europe.

We are motivated by the positive values of community and re-investing time and expertise back into the local areas we reach through our events and competitions. We work with MM winners from previous years on nurturing a sense of responsibility and providing avenues for them to ‘give back’ through basketball as ambassadors to the neighbourhoods in which they live, throughout the year. Reach & Teach provide ongoing coaching, mentoring, education and vocational training programs in schools, colleges and communities throughout the UK . We are collectively dedicated to showing players at all levels that their hard work, drive and dedication displayed on the court can be translated into success off the court – giving them a positive route off the streets.   What started out as a local initiative, staged through the night to give young people something more positive to do, has now grown into a basketball phenomenon that has become internationally known, nationally respected and locally accepted everywhere we go.

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