Midnight Madness is the biggest open participation summer basketball program in Europe. We provide the ultimate in hoops competition, summer fun, entertainment and good times while delivering access to exciting opportunities for players both on and off the court. Over the past 15 years, we’ve run the most popular events, largest summer tournaments and most coveted programs ever witnessed in the UK – reaching more players and opening more doors than anything seen before on British shores.

The program was originally created in 1999 to help combat gun and knife crime in London, using a series of basketball ‘open runs’ through the night as a positive diversionary activity for 16-25 year olds. Thanks to the support of all the players and spectators over the years, our program has developed into the largest open-participation basketball competition in Europe, with over 5,000 players fighting to compete in our events annually – watched by thousands of spectators and a tv/digital audience in excess of 6M+.

Midnight Madness has developed into a nationwide ‘talent search’ designed to find the best players in the country, with players coming in from all corners of the UK to compete. We then profile the nation’s finest in a final ‘all-star game’ type showcase to determine who reigns supreme as the best of the best, then provide those players with opportunities that can change their lives forever.

Our aim is to provide an open opportunity to all players who are striving for something more – with the platform, support and access to opportunities they need to get to their ‘next level’, wherever or whatever that may be – delivered through a unique experience that is filled with excitement, summer fun and good times. The program aims to bridge the gaps for all aspiring players, regardless of their backgrounds, who are looking for an accessible pathway to pursue their hoop dreams.

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Reach & Teach aim to change the game for the better and we're driven by values that we believe build well rounded, positive, confident young people both on and off the court.