We work with the people who actually live in the communities in which we focus our projects and give them the skills they need to develop basketball sessions, coaches, players, teams and clubs themselves so the network of community based basketball opportunities for Londoners increases across the city.

In addition, LSB offers young people the opportunity to develop their own personal skills both on and off the court – building confidence, raising aspirations, gaining qualifications, work experience and even becoming a coach or official themselves within the LSB program.

We’ve listed the most commonly asked LSB questions below, however if your query isn’t answered in our FAQ please use our ‘Contact Us‘ page to get in touch and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible

[toggle title=”Q: What is the London School of Basketball?” state=”close” ]A:  The London School of Basketball (LSB) is a community basketball program that is focused on enabling local people to establish and develop basketball clubs for young people in their area. We are developing a network of self-sufficient clubs providing ongoing support to continually improve coaching standards and offer development opportunities for young players throughout the city.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: What does the London School of Basketball do?” state=”close” ]A: LSB delivers structured coaching, events, training courses and competitions to support the launch and growth of local basketball clubs. Our clubs are run by and for local people, helping build skills to benefit local communities and offer inspiration and opportunities for young people.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: How do I get involved with LSB? ” state=”close” ]A: If you want to join a club, whether as a beginner or experienced player, just search to find your local team. You can also check out what’s on to find out if there are any events coming up in your area. If you’re interested in becoming a coach or volunteer with LSB, or want to support our exciting work, please get in touch and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: Who runs the LSB?” state=”close” ]A: The LSB is managed and run by Reach & Teach – a non-profit community sports organisation who use basketball as a way to support positive social, academic, physical and vocational development in young people, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Reach & Teach aim to better prepare young people for life, on and off the court by developing characteristics and life skills that contribute towards good citizenship, building self esteem and offering opportunities that can make a real difference to people’s lives.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: Who supports the LSB?” state=”close” ]A: AThe LSB is supported through a number of key partners including the Mayor Of London, Sport England, England Basketball and GLL. Find out more about our partners.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: What is the Community Basketball League(CBL)?” state=”close” ]A: The Community Basketball League (CBL) is a structured grassroots competition for young people from inner city areas. It provides regular central venue league competition games for male and female teams in the under 25, under 20, under 18, under 16, under 14 and under 12 age groups.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: What does the CBL have to do with LSB?” state=”close” ]A:T he CBL is also run by Reach & Teach and is an important part of the LSB club development program. The league serves as an outlet for teams developed through LSB, providing participants with their ‘first taste’ of quality assured organised competition. LSB builds club infrastructure, CBL provides organised competition for all the LSB clubs.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: How many teams currently play in the CBL?” state=”close” ]A: The CBL provides regular competition for over 150 teams from across London – with new teams applying to sign up every season. Not only is the CBL the biggest grassroots basketball league in the country, it is also the fastest growing.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Q: How can I play in the CBL?” state=”close” ]A: Individuals can join a local team by contacting them directly using information on your club’s page, search here to find your club. Teams interested in playing in the CBL may apply by filling in the CBL application form. Your team does not have to be part of an LSB club to be eligible to compete.[/toggle]

If you still have questions for us please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.



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Reach & Teach aim to change the game for the better and we're driven by values that we believe build well rounded, positive, confident young people both on and off the court.