The R&T Legacy Club invites you to take an active role in helping provide new opportunities for young people  to play, be coached and compete in organised basketball programs across London.

Reach & Teach Foundation are a registered charity committed to positive change for young people, using sport as the vehicle.  We believe the more young people playing basketball in a safe, secure and positive environment – the better our city will be.  We develop the following core characteristics in young people engaged on our programs across the capital:

  • Respect – for self and other people and learning the values of appreciating diversity
  • Teamwork – learning how to work successfully as a part of a wider group
  • Discipline – learning how to become more dependable and accountable for their own actions
  • Work ethic – learning the values of effort and positive attitude and how they determine success
  • Goal-setting – learning how to expect more for themselves and of themselves
  • Responsibility – learning the ethics of leadership and commitment

Through the provision of quality coaching, the development of community based basketball teams and the ongoing support for all of the coach-mentors and clubs within our network, we provide invaluable local services to communities across London.  Our programs reach in excess of 7,000 young Londoners each week and teach them life skills through sports that they transition through to other areas of their lives.  Young people engaged on our programs perform better in school, are less likely to be involved in criminal activity, are healthier and generally contribute to stronger, safer and more productive communities*.

Our work focuses on local community regeneration that supports both large and small scale project development.  Much of our work  would not be possible without the generous support from a wide range of organisations and philanthropic individuals who recognise the value of investing in our youth and actively playing a role in helping contribute to a healthier, safer more productive London community.

As a member of the LSB Legacy Club, you or your company will be recognised as an official R&T Legacy Partner, added to our Wall Of Fame and represented visually in all press related media across our key programs you choose to be involved with. While the profile Legacy Club members receive is considerable, the real motivating factor for many of our members is the tangible benefits we are able to deliver in showing exactly how your support directly impacts and improves the lives of young people.

Members may specify which R&T programs they would like to be associated with, or have their company linked in to all of our work and recognised as a partner across our entire provision. Typically, organisations or individuals who join our Legacy Club commit to a minimum of 12 months support and receive monthly activity and progress updates from all of our programs enabling members to get a more indepth insight into how their support is making a real and lasting difference.

We strive to cater the Legacy Club to all of our members interests and objectives and have a flexible approach as to how you may join and contribute whether as an individual, group or entire company. Pledges of support can be made in a variety of ways which include individual pledges, company pay-roll giving and long feed CSR grants and commissions of support that directly underpin the work we do.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Legacy Club and how you can become a member, please use the expression of interest form below to get in touch and a member of our team will be sure to get back to you promptly to discuss how we may be able to welcome you to the club that is changing lives through sport across the capital and beyond.

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Reach & Teach aim to change the game for the better and we're driven by values that we believe build well rounded, positive, confident young people both on and off the court.