December 17, 2013

Face Up, Pump Fake Series

 The face up post series provides a variety of effective ways to score in the post.  In this example, Pau Gasol walks through the pump fake, dribble drive and finish at the basket.  In the video example, Gasol executes a pump fake, spin dribble to the baseline and finishes with the power lay up.  A good variation on this move is to pump fake and simply step through the defender (who will have committed to block your shot on the pump fake) using your foot closest to the baseline as your pivot foot, with a power dribble to get you to the basket and finish at the rim.

Key teaching points on this move:

  • Establish good post up position by keeping your legs bent and your defender on your back
  • Give your team mate a clear passing target by raising the hand you wish to receive the ball to (should be the hand closest to the baseline, unless the defender is overplaying you to the middle)
  • Once you receive the ball, pivot off of your foot closest to the foul line – you can either reverse pivot (as Gasol does in the example), or use a regular ‘picket fence’ pivot up the lane.  The goal in both instances is to be facing the basket without having used your dribble
  • As soon as you face the basket, execute a pump fake to get your defender to commit to blocking your shot.  In order to do this effectively, your defender must believe you are going to shoot the ball, so bend your legs and use your upward shooting motion, without leaving the floor.
  • Once the defender commits to blocking your shot and leaves the floor, you can either pivot through, power dribble and finish at the basket or dribble then reverse pivot and spin off of your high-side foot, keeping your dribble alive for a power finish at the basket (like Gasol in the example)
  • The key to making this an effective move is getting your defender to ‘bite’ on your pump fake.  If you can successfully score on a turnaround post jump shot, the defender will commit to the block to prevent you from shooting freely, which is when you go to either variation of this move

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