Great passers will always be in high demand on teams at every level, because they make their teammates better and cause problems for even the best defense.

Mastering the art of passing will elevate your game to another level as you will also become a smarter player with a higher basketball IQ.

To become an excellent passer, you must also become a student of the game to understand passing lanes, timing, how the offensive and defensive players move as the ball moves, which passes are appropriate for certain situations.  There is no point in mastering how to execute a pinpoint bounce pass if you don’t know where to use it.

The more you practise your passing in games, working out how and where to punish defenses with your arsenal of ‘dimes’ – the better player you’ll become, the deeper your understanding of the game will become and the more invaluable to your team you will be.

These drills, tips and features will help you on your journey to becoming a ‘pass master’:

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