Every skilled perimeter player should be able to score in a 1 on 1 situation.  If you’re being guarded by one player, coaches expect good guards or small forwards to be able to create their own shot -whether that be at the rim or creating space for an open jump shot.

Players who can beat their defender 1 on1 ultimately make their team mates better by drawing the help defense, which in turn releases team mates for uncontested shot opportunities.  Similarly, if help defense doesn’t arrive, you should have an uncontested shot at the basket yourself.

Practise repetitions will determine how successful you are in making the shot, but solid footwork, ball handling ability and a good understanding of how to attack your defender out of the triple threat will give you the space you need to get off a clear shot.

Remember, despite the great improvements in individual and team defenses you’ll face, the advantage is always with the offensive player as the defense never knows what you are going to do until you have already started your move.  This puts you at a great advantage as the defense will always have to react to whatever it is you decide to do and there are so many variations of perimeter offensive moves for you to choose from in attacking your defender.

In this section we will add a number of perimeter moves, drills and breakdowns for you to study, understand and take into your individual practise sessions that will make you a stronger offensive threat from the perimeter…Providing you put in the work to master each move…

Winning takes place in preparation.

Let’s Get It…


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