October 23, 2013 nhamoshire@gmail.com

Develop Your Game: Rebounding Tip Drill

Blake Griffin walks and talks you through one of the tried and tested rebounding drills you can work on by yourself.  The Tip Drill works on balance, timing and control while also improving your vertical jump.  Finish your set by tipping the ball into the basket, then switching sides (right and left), and this drill will improve your rebounding on offensive glass.

For the more athletic/bigger players, you can also practise this drill with two hands on the ball, jump up and tap the ball as high as you can on the backboard, keeping hold of the ball at all times, come down and explode back up again, finishing your set with a 2 hand slam (okay…that may be something you work towards…).

Once you get comfortable with this drill and controlling the ball with one hand tips, you’ll find you are able to tip the ball in on the offensive glass in actual game action – an invaluable skill for those who are able to master it.

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