The Reach & Teach Community Classic is a celebration of community basketball that takes place annually in London. The day features free coaching clinics for young people, followed by an outdoor basketball tournament featuring 40 of the top players from across the UK battling for a place on an elite Midnight Madness UK team we take to Paris each summer to compete in the world reknown Quai54 International Streetball Championship. With hundreds of the best players across the UK coveting one of just 10 available spots, the competition is always highly charged, unbelievably skilled and incredibly entertaining!

The ‘Classic’ features a 4 team basketball tournament, showcasing a mix of the very best talent in British basketball. Each of the teams are named after attributes that represent the characteristics of a positive community (Respect, Strength, Pride & Unity), underpinning our commitment to helping build stronger, safer, more united neighbourhoods using the game of basketball as the tool. The teams feature many of the UK’s finest ‘stars’ and ‘rapidly rising’ players, home for the summer ‘off-season’ from professional teams in Europe or college teams in America – providing a rare opporutnity to see the present and emerging stars of our game live and in the flesh! Working with these top-ranked players, we aim to instill a sense of communal responsibility and an understanding of how they can ‘give back’ to the community through the positive influence of their basketball talents to the next generation.

Supported by the London School of Basketball (LSB), the event also has a heavy emphasis on attracting new people to the game and provides free coaching clinics in the morning for local young people while directing players and enthusiasts of all ages to ongoing local opportunites where they can continue to be coached, join a team or even learn how to become a coach themselves!

The Community Classic is also aimed at being a fun day for the whole family, inviting the local community to come out and socialise with one another in a positive setting and features exciting ‘Slam Dunk’ competitions, live DJ’s, interactive games, comedians, cheerleaders, prizes and givewaways!

The day is free for all and embraces the best elements of our community in a celebration of hoops and culture.

*For details of our next planned Community Classic, please visit our Events Page.

**If you’re interested in working with us or supporting the next Community Classic event, please get in touch by clicking here.

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