The Community Basketball League (CBL) is the biggest grassroots league in Britain, with competitions covering London, Birmingham and Manchester and over 2,000 players representing 212 competing teams across the network.

With divisions covering U12’s, U14’s, U16’s, U18’s, U20’s and U25’s for both males and females, participating clubs are guaranteed plenty of action and some healthy competition to push teams to play their best.

The aim of the league is to provide exciting competitive outlets for both new and emerging community teams across the network, linked together nationally through well-organised, regular games, leagues and tournaments throughout the year.  A solution for teams to to keep their players inspired through competitive play, the CBL makes it easier for grassroots community basketball clubs to enter into organised competitions without the heavy financial outlay of hiring basketball courts, refs, officials and all the other costs that make participating in National League competition difficult and often prohibitive for local clubs.  Based at central venues across the regions, the CBL provides the space, support and freedom for clubs to develop both on and off the court, prior to the demanding rigours of National League competitions.

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