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Chase Your Fears…


Fears…Everybody has them. Whether large or small, whether people admit them or not – at some stage in our lives everybody comes up against something or someone they don’t want to face.

A challenge that seems too great, something that takes you outside of your comfort zone.  Most peoples first reaction is to run away from the challenge because we’re taught to avoid confrontation and take the easy way out.

Stay in your lane.

Nobody need know that you really wanted to ‘make the team’, or ‘take the shot’ – just don’t say anything about it and let your fear of failure keep you on the sidelines from the outside looking in.  Right?  There’s nothing wrong with being ‘average’.  Right?

Success isn’t for everybody.

The thing is, when you start to accept this way of thinking you give yourself an excuse and an easy way out from accepting the responsibility of fulfilling the potential you were born with.  The truth is, everyone is born with the potential to be great.  Greatness doesn’t discriminate.  It’s in each and every one of us, but requires each of us to dig a little deeper within and begin to expect more for ourselves and more of ourselves.

Winning starts with beginning, and the first step is to be honest with yourself and face your fears.  The things that are stopping you from getting ahead on a daily basis.  The negative self-talk, listening to other people put you down and talk you out of pursuing your dreams.  Putting off until ‘tomorrow’ what should be done today.  Not doing the preparation and practise needed to achieve your goals, because it is uncomfortable or nobody else is doing it.  Shying away from stepping to the line to ‘take the shot’.  Thinking it is ok to just play the background while letting someone else step forward and take what you really wanted for yourself…

What you eventually learn in life is, once you start running from your fears, you will always be running from them in some shape or form, for the rest of your life.  After a while, it will feel like they are in fact chasing you!  The challenges you will face are unavoidable if you really want to get anywhere worthwhile.   To get to where you want to go, you’re going to have to dig deeper and face your own personal ‘demons’ that are stopping you from progressing.  Address your weaknesses and turn them into strengths, through consistent effort and a genuine desire to really want to get better at what it is you do.

Persistence beats resistance and persistence comes from a starting point that ‘refuses to lose’.  You will not give in to the fears that have been holding you back before.  Today is a new day and you get to be who you want to be, starting from today and will not give in to the fears of yesterday.  With a change in mindset you not only face your fears, but look to take them on one on one.

When you start to tackle your fears, you actively take the next step towards breaking through to the next level in your life – whatever and wherever that may be.  On the court, in the classroom, at home, at work, in the community…

When you start to understand how important it is for your own self development as a baller on and off the court, you’ll realise that instead of running away from your fears, hiding from the challenges, in fact – they are the exact things you should be looking for to continue to push you forwards and toward your ultimate goals!  In challenging your fears and finding ways to overcome them, you are investing in yourself and getting better at what it is you do.  You get stronger, more confident, more skilled and more accomplished.

If these are the things that are going to feed your development and make you better – if these are steps on the ladder to your success – then don’t wait to face them, take a new approach and start to CHASE them!  Actively look for the challenges in your life and go at them as hard as you can, because whether or not you make the shot, get the grade, get the job or whatever it is you are going after – as long as you continue to push yourself and demand more of yourself and break through all barriers holding you back, you have no choice but to succeed.

It’s on you…

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