A huge area of latent basketball participation (both current and potential) currently exists within the casual/recreational basketball consumer who will predominantly only participate at their local park. This consumer’s motivation is driven primarily by social recreation and local accessibility as opposed to wider mainstream provision (of which they are fundamentally disengaged from and little to no access).

Ball Out features a series of free ‘user defined’ ambassador-led sessions that focus on equipping the recreational user with a series of easy-access games they can play at the park that do not require the restrictive formality of full 5-on-5 games or the ridged structure of traditional club-based coaching sessions. The aim is to encourage regular use of the outdoor parks and open-space basketball facilities by energising these spaces with localised knowledge so that users have an improved experience at these courts, whether on their own or with any number of friends.

Unique to the Ball Out approach is providing participants with a knowledge-based tool-kit from which they may choose what games to play whenever they attend the
open-access outdoor basketball space. This approach represents a considerable shift in thinking around effective, inclusive, modern-day basketball development planning and is led by the choice/preference of each participant (thus entitled ‘user-defined’).

As part of the Ball Out offer, ambassadors are qualified to also deliver light basketball coaching, for those who have an interest in learning the fundamental skills and techniques of the game. However, as with all other elements of the program – fundamental skills coaching is optional.

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