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Reach & Teach are a charitable community sports organisation who focus on using sport as a tool to develop positive social, academic, physical and vocational change in young people,  particularly from disadvantaged backgrounds.  We are an umbrella organisation who currently manage and co-ordinate the development of some of the biggest and most successful community sports programs in England, while developing both nationally and internationally recognised competitions and events.

Understanding sports have the potential to attract, engage, and nurture the interests of young people, we strive to utilise that interest in introducing and developing skills that support development in all areas of their lives.

Basketball, in particular, is the sport of choice of inner-city youth. The fast, exciting, flamboyant style of the game and its social influence, provide the perfect platform to engage and relate to young people. Through our programs, we build upon these relationships and provide support and direction towards a positive end. Our agenda is to use the game of basketball to better prepare young people for the game of life, developing the characteristics and transferable life skills that contribute towards good citizenship, responsibility, respect and the pursuit of excellence and individual achievement in all the young people we reach.


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Reach and Teach

Programs We Support

London School Of Basketball

Teaches the game and develops grassroots infrastructure.

Community Basketball League

Provides organised competitions for grassroots basketball.

Midnight Madness

Provides access to opportunities for marginalised players.

Ball Out

Targeted outreach engagement program delivered in local parks and outdoor spaces.

LSB Academies

Provide training and development pathways for players of all abilities, from participation through to elite.

Next Level

Provides support, training and advice for gifted and talented players.


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Development of grassroots infrastructure across London.




The London School of Basketball (LSB) is an exciting, youth-focused community program aimed at increasing sustainable basketball participation and developing grassroots infrastructure across London.  Launched in spectacular fashion with global basketball superstar Kobe Bryant flying in from America to lead a special LSB coaching clinic and exclusive Q&A with young Londoners, alongside Mayor of London Boris Johnson, the program is set to change the game for the better across the capital.

LSB is fundamentally about coaching and teaching the game of basketball to the next generation with passion, energy and enthusiasm while developing a network of community clubs throughout London that are built to last. The program gets more young people playing through the provision of accessible, free coaching sessions, then develops club infrastructure around those sessions to ensure the basketball continues to grow in the local community in which they’re based.

We aim to change the lives of young people across London by providing opportunities for them to learn new skills, find positive role models and develop confidence in themselves. We even offer support in getting qualifications and work experience helping players to fulfil their potential and enjoy a brighter future. By promoting basketball in London with structured coaching, events, training courses and competitions, LSB is creating a network of self-sufficient clubs run for and by local people.

LSB encourages local people to get involved in setting up teams and running clubs. This support is vital and will ensure the future of the project by building a strong foundation routed in the community. We hope that some of the young people who currently come to LSB sessions will be inspired to become our coaches of the future.

The opportunities this program offers is making a real and positive difference to young Londoner’s and socially impacting communities across the city, changing lives for the better, and is supported by the Mayor of LondonNikeSport England and GLL.

LSB also aims to continually inspire young people to expect more of themselves and for themselves by delivering inspirational experiences for participants involved with our programs, such as visits from superstar athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Luol Deng and Carmelo Anthony (the world’s greatest players), amongst others.

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The biggest grassroots league in London.




The Community Basketball League (CBL) is the biggest grassroots league in Britain, with competitions covering London, Birmingham and Manchester and over 2,000 players representing 212 competing teams across the network.

With divisions covering U12’s, U14’s, U16’s, U18’s, U20’s and U25’s for both males and females, participating clubs are guaranteed plenty of action and some healthy competition to push teams to play their best.

The aim of the league is to provide exciting competitive outlets for both new and emerging community teams across the network, linked together nationally through well-organised, regular games, leagues and tournaments throughout the year.  A solution for teams to to keep their players inspired through competitive play, the CBL makes it easier for grassroots community basketball clubs to enter into organised competitions without the heavy financial outlay of hiring basketball courts, refs, officials and all the other costs that make participating in National League competition difficult and often prohibitive for local clubs.  Based at central venues across the regions, the CBL provides the space, support and freedom for clubs to develop both on and off the court, prior to the demanding rigours of National League competitions.

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The biggest open participation summer basketball program in Europe!




Midnight Madness is the biggest open participation summer basketball program in Europe. We provide the ultimate in hoops competition, summer fun, entertainment and good times while delivering access to exciting opportunities for players both on and off the court. Over the past 15 years, we’ve run the most popular events, largest summer tournaments and most coveted programs ever witnessed in the UK – reaching more players and opening more doors than anything seen before on British shores.

The program was originally created in 1999 to help combat gun and knife crime in London, using a series of basketball ‘open runs’ through the night as a positive diversionary activity for 16-25 year olds. Thanks to the support of all the players and spectators over the years, our program has developed into the largest open-participation basketball competition in Europe, with over 5,000 players fighting to compete in our events annually – watched by thousands of spectators and a tv/digital audience in excess of 6M+.

Midnight Madness has developed into a nationwide ‘talent search’ designed to find the best players in the country, with players coming in from all corners of the UK to compete. We then profile the nation’s finest in a final ‘all-star game’ type showcase to determine who reigns supreme as the best of the best, then provide those players with opportunities that can change their lives forever.

Our aim is to provide an open opportunity to all players who are striving for something more – with the platform, support and access to opportunities they need to get to their ‘next level’, wherever or whatever that may be – delivered through a unique experience that is filled with excitement, summer fun and good times. The program aims to bridge the gaps for all aspiring players, regardless of their backgrounds, who are looking for an accessible pathway to pursue their hoop dreams.

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London’s biggest basketball development programme.




The LSB is London’s biggest basketball development programme and provides coaching, competitions and support for players at all levels from grassroots through to elite.
Our academies partner with colleges and sixth forms across London and are committed to providing elite training, support, guidance, coaching and competitions to gifted and talented players from across the capital.
With strong links to professional basketball teams and universities throughout Britain, Europe and America – alongside a bespoke preparation and placement programme for American colleges, players who attend LSB partnered Academies will be well positioned to fulfil their basketball ambitions, whatever they may be.
For those who simply want to continue to learn and play the game, without the heavy commitment of the elite program schedule, a number of our emerging new academies also offer a new ‘Junior Varsity’ option which provides regular coaching, games and the opportunity to earn coaching qualifications alongside normal academic college courses.

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A huge area of latent basketball participation (both current and potential) currently exists within the casual/recreational basketball consumer who will predominantly only participate at their local park. This consumer’s motivation is driven primarily by social recreation and local accessibility as opposed to wider mainstream provision (of which they are fundamentally disengaged from and little to no access).

Ball Out features a series of free ‘user defined’ ambassador-led sessions that focus on equipping the recreational user with a series of easy-access games they can play at the park that do not require the restrictive formality of full 5-on-5 games or the ridged structure of traditional club-based coaching sessions. The aim is to encourage regular use of the outdoor parks and open-space basketball facilities by energising these spaces with localised knowledge so that users have an improved experience at these courts, whether on their own or with any number of friends.

Unique to the Ball Out approach is providing participants with a knowledge-based tool-kit from which they may choose what games to play whenever they attend the
open-access outdoor basketball space. This approach represents a considerable shift in thinking around effective, inclusive, modern-day basketball development planning and is led by the choice/preference of each participant (thus entitled ‘user-defined’).

As part of the Ball Out offer, ambassadors are qualified to also deliver light basketball coaching, for those who have an interest in learning the fundamental skills and techniques of the game. However, as with all other elements of the program – fundamental skills coaching is optional.


We Deliver Quality Assured Programming.

Reach and Teach


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